You've tried so hard to fix the problem

Ever wonder why those diets never keep the weight off?

Why that new budgeting app doesn’t get you out of debt?

Do you study Love Languages, Personality Types, or Astrological Compatibility, and STILL end up with broken relationships?

It's not your fault. You've been trying!

Unfortunately—no matter how hard you try—Quick-Fix solutions like diets and budgets don’t work. But there IS an answer, and it’s already inside of you!


- Zig Ziglar

Discover the Issues at Your Core
Alter Your Attitude
Alter Your Destiny

The RLM 3 Minute Survey™ is the only solution of its kind. Trusted by companies and institutions. Developed and used in the U.S. Army.

What's Attitude Got to Do With It?

You've probably noticed that there are some people you just can't seem to get along with, no matter how hard you try.

It’s likely that you’ve come across that one boss or employee that just can’t stand you even though you never did anything wrong to them.

Maybe sometimes you've found yourself getting the feeling that you and your partner are coming from two different planets.

You’re not crazy, and neither are they. It’s the power of Attitude working against you. In fact, your Core Inborn Attitude is so powerful that it accounts for 50% of whether you're healthy or overweight, financially stable or in debt, and happily married or struggling with relationships.

DO SOMETHING about School Shootings, Suicide, and Violence against Women.

Suicide, domestic violence, rape, active shooter, and other high-risk and often tragic behaviors are usually looked at as separate issues.

The truth is they are interrelated and determined by the Attitude, Beliefs, and Choices the public carries into every life situation. Real Life Management does what no one else can - quickly identifies at-risk individuals BEFORE they snap, while simultaneously improving work and home lives.

Don't believe it? Hear it from members of the U.S. Army.

Why take the survey?

In 3-minutes the survey will identify a person’s core Attitude towards things like health, money, and relationships, along with their scores for the Fifteen Points of Leadership, a breakdown of areas of Giftedness and areas that cause Stress, as well as what they need from others for them to function happily in relationships. You'll learn why you do what you do.

Now imagine you knew the Attitudes and Needs of everyone around you. Think of your bosses and co-workers, friends and family, and of course your spouse or significant other. Couldn’t you get along with them better? Couldn’t you fix stressed or broken relationships?

Know Yourself and Others Like Never Before

The 3-Minute Survey has helped over 50,000 individuals to understand their Attitudes and gain control over things like:

Health, Money, Relationships, and Leadership

The insights and information gained from taking the survey are proven to work in the workplace and the home.

The 3-Minute Survey is even proven to work on the battlefield.

Get QUANTITATIVE SCORES for each of the 15 POINTS OF LEADERSHIP for yourself or someone else...plus much more!

  • Character tendencies
  • Coachability
  • Work Ethic and/or Study Habits
  • Teamwork aptitude
  • Leadership competency
  • Management of Relationships in the workplace and at home
  • Risk Factor for addictive and high-risk behaviors (Alcohol, Drugs, Food, Shopping, Reckless Driving, Technology, Violence, Work)

  • Boundary Setting in Life Choices
  • Management of Money and Resources
  • Attention to Detail and Punctuality
  • Performance under Stress/Distress
  • Tenacity and Likelihood of Quitting
  • Healthy Lifestyle management, nutrition & P.T.
  • Recreation management
  • Spiritual Development aptitude


Think of life as an ocean—waning and waxing, ebbing and flowing—full of chance and mystery, with no way to know what lies in its depths or what waves and storms might arise.

Now think of yourself as a boat on that ocean, out there by yourself facing tides and winds, watching out for waves and icebergs and other boats. What type of boat are you?

The type of boat you are is your Core Attitude. Whether you're a Barge, a Tugboat, or a Sailboat determines how you handle waves in the ocean, or life’s obstacles, and it predicts how you’ll react when you see another boat headed your way, or another person’s Core Attitude meeting your own.


Barges are straight ahead, logical, and practical people.

They think with their heads.

Are you a Barge?


Tugboats TUG at people and PULL information, direction, and facts from others.

They make decisions with their hearts.

Are you a Tugboat?


Sailboats sail through life making adjustments to situations and people often.

They make decisions with both their heads and their hearts.

Are you a Sailboat?

People Don't Change, But That Doesn't Mean We Can't ALTER Our Destinies

Remember this: Your Attitude accounts for 50% of your Destiny. It cannot be changed. It’s who you are and who you’ll always be. Fortunately there’s still 50% of destiny to work with, and it only needs some tweaks to get you going where you want to go.

Beliefs are 25%, and Choices are the other 25%. Attitude + Beliefs + Choices = Destiny. A + B + C = D.

Real Life Management will teach you how to use the Alter System to help you affect your Beliefs and Choices in a positive way so that you can reach your full potential and get control of the things you have always thought you never could.

Alter your Beliefs, Alter your Choices, ALTER YOUR DESTINY!


Acknowledge your own Attitude and find the Boat you’re in using the 3-Minute Survey


Learn what stresses you, what about you stresses others, and assess other areas where you may need improvement


Tactically Plan for your specific Attitude and achieve lasting success in managing your Health, Relationships, and Finances


Execute your plan and track your progress


Reevaluate, Review, Redesign and Recommit to improve your lifestyle

About the Founder

Better known as the “Real Life Attitude Guy", Wayne E. Nance is the founder and CEO of Real Life Management, Inc. Over the last 24 years, Wayne's research and guidance on our Core Ingrained Attitudes has improved the lives and relationships of over 50,000 struggling Americans. He and his team have trained top corporations, organizations, and churches in the Real Life Management system, working closely with the U.S. Army. Wayne's focus is spreading his powerful 3-Minute Survey throughout the world in order to improve the personal lives of individuals, with a strong emphasis on preventing violence in American culture at large through the identification and education of at-risk persons, both victims and perpetrators, before tragedies occur.